Shin Saimdang (신사임당, 1504-1551) was a renowned Korean painter and calligraphist during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). She was also known as Eojin Eomeoni (어진 어머니; "Wise Mother") and was the mother of seven children, serving as a model of excellent mothering skills for over 500 years. Her eldest son, Yulgok, was a well-known scholar in the Joseon Dynasty.
Shin Saimdang was not only an accomplished artist but also an inspirational scholar who provided educational opportunities for women in the Joseon Dynasty. Her creations played a significant role in the development of Korean art and literature, making her one of the representative figures of the Joseon Dynasty.
Three Korean artists living in Dublin reviewed Saimdang's paintings and recreated paintings of her in their own unique styles. They created an opportunity to showcase their works, which, while utilizing Western painting and graphic techniques, still capture the delicate and exquisite essence of her vision, giving new life and meaning to Shin Saimdang's legacy.

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